Our Short Story

What’s new at ECA PRINT GROUP? Everything in Print Communications! In 2005, an idea was born out of the minds of Edward Cottman and his friend, both, former copy service center managers, and Commercial Print Brokers. Who decided to embark on a marketing plan, selling Copies, printing, and allied services.

The new business is based in Elk Grove, California which sells a variety of printed products needed by business-owners throughout this bustling, little community of 152,000 plus residents. ECA Print Group’s product lines are a mixture of the traditional print items, and new items, not normally available locally.

Our Products

Our firm Broker(s) for 12 major commercial printers that produce Quality Labels, Custom Bumper Stickers, Business Cards, and Business Stationary and Envelopes in many sizes, and of course we sell Custom Business Forms for the die hards old-school; among our great customers who still enjoy the traditional 2/3/4-part business forms in their daily operation, we sell them by truck loads!

So what’s is new? Better pricing, better service and the highest quality, print runs in the area. We specialize in short run printing (250pcs to 500pcs). However, if you ever have the need for larger quantities-give us a Call! We can accommodate you.